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40 Cal: The legend of BlackJack Paperback – August 8, 2022

The legend of Blackjack is about trials and tribulations of a real hustler who doesn’t have a hundred bricks, a Maybach or a million dollars. He lives in the projects and all he has is his family and his balls as he is forced to move from one neighborhood to another. He must re-establish himself as the powers that be try to stop him. Dive into this never told before story of how life really is. In real life it’s not always peaches and cream and neither is this book. Forty Cal is a riveting, raw, and uncut novel. It’s funny, witty, and as authentic as they come. It is a must read.


About the author.

About the Author

Zeek is North Carolina born and Philadelphia raised. He has a gift for telling stories that will leave you thinking and on the edge of your seat. 40 Cal is his first of many published works to come.

Zeek Lyons

My Books

40 Cal 2: What’s in the dark; Shall Come to light Paperback – February 19, 2023


40 Cal 2 is an action movie in the making. All your questions from part one get answered in the pulse-pounding thrill ride as Jack continues to fight his way out of the system—part two picks up where part one left off. Who will come out as families go head to head and betrayal becomes a part of life? The streets of Philadelphia are dirty, and 40 Cal 2 takes you right there, and you see precisely how cruel it can be. Part 2 doesn’t pull any punches and is heart-wrenching insanity at its best.



All hell breaks loose! Forty Cal 3 is a showstopper. What happens when you cut the head off of a snake, and the body doesn’t fall? When your guns become your way of life? Pooh Bear and Jack-Jack are one in the same, but who will carry the flame? Nothing matters in Forty Cal 3 but death and revenge. Who will survive the Grim Reaper, for he has no pictures? Take this journey back to the streets with Jack and his family, as the law holds no weight when it comes to their street justice. Who will be safe? Not a damn soul. So 40 cal fans, please brace yourselves because this time around, all bets are off. The Forty Cal series is one of the best. It will go toe to toe with any street novel series. Jack Parker is the best lead character in decades, even eclipsing the legendary Doc Holiday from Tombstone.

Meet the author.

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